Smart Price Hunter is aimed specifically at the construction industry and tailored for its needs, SPH makes finding all building materials quicker and easier than ever, saving our customers time and money.

With our innovative thinking and design, we streamline the order process and take the hassle out of the equation so you can spend less time buying and more time building.

Where it was once an outdated, old fashioned industry when it came to e-commerce and tech, has revolutionised the way in which materials can be bought, bringing construction into the 21st Century.

How We Work?

Simply register today at no cost and search among hundreds of different merchants and you’ll be sure to find all your materials in one place. Whether you purchase from one merchant or ten merchants, one simple checkout is all that’s needed to get your order on the way.

We have developed a unique search engine for the industry which understands our language, trade terms and shorthand for building materials. Whether you search for pink plasterboard or fire plasterboard, we know what you’re looking for and will show you the results you want to see.

Our team of experts – rooted in the construction industry - are on hand to help with any questions you may have with our live chat service. If you need help or can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact one of our experts and they will be happy to assist. is building a smarter future for the construction industry. Hunt, Buy, Save, Build today with