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Ebac Ebac 6100 Dehumidifier (silver and Steel)

The Ebac 6100 Silver and Steel is a tough and powerful, top of the range dehumidifier. The sleek, contemporary design ensures the Ebac 6100 complements any modern living space whilst provide optimum performance.The 6100 utilises Ebac's innovative Smart Control technology, an intelligent system, unique to Ebac dehumidifiers, that progressively learns about your home and daily routines. A memory chip inside the dehumidifier takes recordings every half an hour to sample, monitor and compare humidity levels. The dehumidifier can then turn itself on and off as it is required by gauging the optimum time to remove moisture from the air. All you have to do it sit back, relax and let it do its thing.

Product Code: SPH-66893
Brand: Ebac
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