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Velux Duo Blind Essential Pattern / White - Dfd 4558s Ck06

The Velux Duo Blind Essential Pattern / White - DFD 4558S is available to order online with BSOA combination of the classic VELUX blackout blind and  the semi-opaque VELUX pleated blind. Block out as much of the light as you want with the blackout blind then use the semi-opaque pleated blind to diffuse the rest of the light that enters the room. The VELUX duo blackout blind is available in all 24 colours for the blackout blind in combination with a white pleated blind and comes with manual operation. The duo blind runs in slim aluminium side channels for a neat finish to your VELUX roof window. Energy efficient   Blackout blinds come with aluminium backing which prevents heat loss and gain. Complete light control   Adjust, dim or soften the light in your room Easy installation Fit the blind in no time with our VELUX Pick&Click!™ system. Combine with... VELUX awning blind for additional protection. BLACKOUT 24/7 Blackout even when the sun is shining. Decoration Beautiful and

Product Code: SPH-350896
MPN:DFD CK06 4558S
Brand: Velux Blinds
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