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Zexum Grey 1.5mm 7 Strand 17a Single Core 6491b Lszh (low Smoke Zero Halogen) Round Power Insulated Conduit Wire - 50 Meter

Zexum high quality Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Single Core Conduit Wiring cable.    A quality, well constructed product which is easily stripped and worked with.   1.5mm² copper conductor size, External diameter 3.5mm Single Core Cable High quality stranded plain annealed copper conductors , Insulated/Sheathed with Grey LSZH. Mainly used in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial for Heating, Lighting and power as fixed wiring through PVC Flexible Conduit and Cable Trunking & Cable Tray Suitable for voltages up to a maximum voltage of 450V/750V and maximum current of 17A. Suitable for Temperatures between 0°C and +90°C   Conforms to BS6004, BS50525 and BASEC approved.   General purpose Single Core Cable suitable for use mainly in power and lighting circuits along with building wiring, Switch Gear and Control Gear. It is intended for use in exposed conduits, embedded conduits and closed installation ducts. Ideal for the internal wiring of appliances and apparatus. In Particular for installation where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes create a potential threat.  Zexum is a UK manufacturer which sources quality cables made to the highest specifications from various sources both in the UK and the Rest of the world.   This product will be supplied in a single length up to 500m, unless otherwise requested.   A wide range of cable accessories to match this cable - *Cable Clips*, *connector strip*, *Conduit*

Product Code: SPH-194699
Brand: Zexum
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